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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Paul gets cool reception at Howard

That's to be expected.  The wonder was that he was there at all.

"I came here because I'm a very open-minded person," Jazmine, a junior, stated. "And I'm excited about the way I hope the GOP will do its thing in the future because I think that they're on the right track," she added. However, she said she did not think that Paul was the right person to spread the GOP's message of tolerance given his questionable position on the Civil Rights Act. (An issue he tried to resolve Monday, claiming that he has "never waivered" in support of the legislation.)

Jazmine and several other students said they also took offense at the Senator's attempts to educate them on the GOP's role in the advancement of African-Americans and pander to them by quoting Toni Morrison and notable Howard alums - all of whom were black. At one point in the speech Paul asked the students if they knew that Republicans founded the NAACP. The audience was visibly taken aback and audibly expressed shock that Paul would have the audacity to ask the predominately black audience a question about black history.

"This is Howard University. We know the history of the Republican Party. We have to take political science. I should have brought my book. That's in the first chapter," Jazmine said.
Two of the hallmarks of the Liberal mind is the steadfast belief that they are open-minded ... and that they know it all.

Here's a slightly different take from Hot Air

There will be many who scoff at Sen. Rand Paul, directing their Nelson Muntz laughs at the freshman from Kentucky. What did he think? These young, black voters were going to start voting Republican?! Tee hee, look at the silly man. But you don’t finish a long journey by letting people mock you out of taking the first step.

That’s what Paul did today. It wasn’t perfect. It likely didn’t turn a lot of voters. But it gave a young, minority audience mostly ideologically hostile to the idea of libertarianism a new face to put on right-of-center ideas. A man who came to them and answered their questions....

And, finally, Paul runs into a questioner who doesn’t want a government to leave him alone, “but a government that’s going to help me.” There are plenty of people my age of this mindset, and simply repeating “get government out of the way” is not the way to win them over. It doesn’t connect with their everyday lives or their perception of government. Realizing that is the first step to changing the message into one that can work.

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