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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sydney Morning Herald assumed the Boston bombers were associated with the Tea Party

The headline of the aqrticle in the Sydney Morning Herald by Waleed Aly read Bomb response refreshingly honest

He noted that the American media did not blame the followers of Islam before the perpatrators were caught.  Waleed is right, the American media desperately wanted the bombers to be conservatives.
The American media's attitude was perfectly captured by David Sirota who famously wrote that Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American .
And then of course there's that impeccably PC NPR who declared, in the absence of proof that the bombers were Right Wingers celebrating Hitler’s birthday, feeling bad about Columbine, sorry that Tim McVeigh was executed, crying in their beer about the death of David Koresh, so they decided to blow up Boston. 

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thisishabitforming said...

It was striking; here is a bombing at a major event killing and maiming innocent people with bombs similar to IEDs used in the Middle East. What does that make you think of? I know what it made me think of. When I heard them speculate on the connection to tax day, I figured if I was going to protest taxes I would make my target the source of taxes. Hello Tim McVeigh. But the wanton killing of innocent people makes me think of 9/11, Israel, Iraq, and Afghanistan, including innocent school girls trying to get an education. Somehow the news media can't make that same connection until it slaps them in the face. And then they make excuses for the perps and make them look like victims. Like Trevon Martin.