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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dear MSM: Shut up!

I ran across a comment yesterday that set my teeth on edge. Politico’s Dylan Byers was saying that he was anxious to identify the people who bombed the Boston marathon so that the “National Conversation” on the subject could begin.
When I hear the MSM mention the term national conversation, I have an impulse to reach for a gun. The term is as big a lie as your boy/girl/??? friend telling you “we need to talk” or “it’s not you, it’s me.” A so-called “National Conversation” via the MSM is not a dialog; it’s the Left telling the rest of America what it’s doing wrong. It’s writers for publications, English Lit or J-school majors with drearily predictable views, lecturing the rest of us.
Let’s tell the truth for once: the mass media is not part of a conversation with the people, it’s a one way megaphone for the inhabitants of media-land. They were not having a conversation about violence when they were pimping for more gun laws. And when they were voted down in the Senate they, like Obama, threw a hissy fit.
If the American people are going to have a conversation about the bombers and what they mean, it’s going to be at home, at work, or via the Internet where genuine interaction can occur. In the meantime, the MSM can shut up about a national conversation and let a real one occur. I am confident that it will be much more rational, sane and less politically correct than any one-way lecture from the people who, by virtue of writing a column, feel this compulsion to tell us what to think

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