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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ben Affleck And The Disease Of ‘Feel-Good Limousine Liberalism’

Ben Affleck and his wife are worht over $100 million but he's shaking his tin cup in our faces and thinks living on $1.50 per day is his contribution. What a moron.
On Monday, Ben Affleck, actor, director, and producer, announced he will join a campaign to fight poverty in the Eastern Congo by living on less than $1.50 a day.

One isn’t sure whether to laugh, cry, or scream.

To be sure, Affleck’s pledge of living on less than $1.50 will only be for the requisite five days (after all, let’s not get crazy now!) and, naturally, he will still drive around one of his several luxurious cars and sleep in one of his luxurious homes, all during this five-day ‘poverty’ pledge.

How about giving away some of that loot instead of grandstanding for the crowd. Nobody gives a shit about you.
So Ben: How about, instead of your silly five-day pledge and your self-aggrandizing tweet, you write a big ole’ check instead? Will it solve the problem? Not permanently, but I can guarantee you some mouths will be fed and some lives in the Congo would be changed instantly. C’mon, isn’t giving up just one of your Range Rovers worth a few kids’ lives? You sit on millions in the bank and yet, typical limousine liberal, with a straight face you purport to care about poverty, poverty you could address in seconds with a single check. How about at least a compromise: donating a chunk of your income (not even a majority!), ala Mitt Romney‘s 30%, to this Eastern Congo endeavor? He-llo? Why do I hear crickets, Ben?

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