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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Pornification of Campuses

Just when you thought that academia could not sink any lower ....
In a talk Wednesday night advertised by the University of Missouri and well-attended by college students, a “crowd-sourced porn” entrepreneur recruited college students to join the online movement, telling them it’s an easy way to make a few bucks and pay down student loans.

That businesswoman, Cindy Gallop, explained to those at her talk – held in a theater a block and a half away from the campus and filled with plenty of college-aged students – that instead of watching hardcore porn, they should join her “Make Love Not Porn” movement.

The online operation uses normal people, not porn stars, asking them to film themselves having sex, then post it online to earn extra cash. People pay $5 to watch the video, and profits are split between Gallop and the sex partners.
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And at the College Fix:
Alex Pesek, a 21 year-old undergraduate student at the University of Missouri and a sex columnist for the university’s school newspaper, The Maneater, said in an interview with The College Fix that Gallop’s message was a positive one.

Pesek was among the group of college students who attended Wednesday’s event, and said Gallop is ushering in a sexual revolution of sorts, adding she has influenced his writing and his overall sexual education.

He said he admires Gallop and likes the “Make Love Not Porn” website’s “openness and inclusivity.”

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