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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Journalist could be imprisoned for revealing how the system failed in Colorado.

That's not the actual headline in Jake Tapper's story. This is what he used: Journalist could be imprisoned for protecting source. But he goes on to point out in no uncertain terms what this is about.

Whole Obama and the rest of the Liberals who control the press are busy trying to take away the American people's 2nd Amendment rights, the reality of why a dozen people were killed and 58 injured in the Aurora shooting is totally different. The killer was a homicidal maniac, and the authorities knew it because his psychiatrist told them.

In July 2012, anonymous law enforcement sources told Winter that before he went on a shooting spree, Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes gave his psychiatrist a notebook detailing how he planned to "kill people."

This was a huge scoop, and clearly of public interest. It raised key questions: did the system fail the victims of the Aurora shooting? What exactly happened? Winter's scoop helped provide a check on those in power who do not always like to talk about ways in which the system - and they - failed.

In fact, last Thursday, court documents revealed that more than a month before the attack, the same psychiatrist had told campus police that Holmes was homicidal. Yet instead of a focus on how the system failed, we're talking about whether Winter should go to jail for reporting on Holmes's journal, which was found in a mail room after the attack.
We are now being told that universal background checks will prevent the next James Holmes from committing mass murder.  Conveniently omitted from that fake solution is the fact that Holmes purchased his guns after passing a background check
It's becoming more apparent each day that the mass killers all had mental problems that were open and apparent to the people around them and the doctors who treated them.  But instead of doing something that could prevent the next mas murder, the Left reaches reflexively for its one solitary answer when there is a shooting: take away every one's guns but theirs.

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