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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tim McVeigh was an atheist Democrat

Tim McVeigh is the name every Democrat and media figure (but I repeat myself) mentions when violence breaks out. That's why I found this comment that followed an excellent essay on Eric Erickson's Red State.

I clubbed a liberal like a baby seal over this very issue.

He started in on right-wing violence and my counter, from Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground to the Black Panthers to the SDS to Loughner, to Democrats Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols to Leftist nutbag Ted Kaczynski to the pilot who crashed his plane into the IRS building, the professor who shot her collegues, and on and on left him speechless.

I'd sooner leave my kids with ANY TEA Party member than let Bill Ayers babysit them!

I have no idea what religion McVeigh had, or what his political affiliation was, but I know of no-one who can honestly claim that his bombing was motivated by either his religion or his party affiliation.

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