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Monday, July 01, 2013


Guess the country he's referring to

Inexperienced 18 years olds who have grown up in corrupt, poorly governed societies, and been educated in trashy schools by incompetent hacks know very well that the status quo is unacceptable. Young people who know they are being ripped off and abused are typically not very patient. Throw in healthy doses of sexual frustration and contempt for an establishment that has lost confidence in its own capacity to lead, and you have a cocktail much more explosive than anything Molotov knew.

The description is of education in Egypt, but there is an eery echo of modern American education where millions of teens graduate from high school and get brainwashed into taking classes by tenured radicals whose main function is to replicate themselves via indoctrination while living the good life in academia. Our children are being ripped off by intellectual mobsters, leaving the university with worthless diplomas unprepared for the job market.

The system is overloading and breaking down. But perhaps that's the plan.

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