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Monday, July 01, 2013


If you call me a "creepy-ass cracker," are you profiling or offending me?

Not if you are a Liberal. 

Joan Walsh:
author of a book whose actual title is "What's the Matter With White People?," denounced "white grievance-mongers" who do not care for the word "cracker":
Apparently my skin color prevents me from being offended.

Alexander Abad-Santos of TheAtlanticWire.com
opined that "saying 'creepy-ass cracker' . . . is just a way of saying things,"
OK then.

Rachel Samara says that I'm just one one more creepy ass white cracker who
"Don't Understand About Rachel Jeantel."

You can always tell Liberals, if you know what I mean.

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So all of a sudden being a creepy ass cracker is just a fact of life, which according to Rachel Jeantel is what I am. Which addresses a point I have often pondered: what do Black people call White people in their conversations with one another. I am thinking they are not worried about how to refer to White folk. While we were trying to keep up with the latest declarations when we could no longer say Negro; then we could no longer say Black; the only accepted expression was African American. That always bothered me because it made an assumption the person has African origins and that is making an assumption. Its comforting to know as we Crackers were pondering the latest politically correct term, we were just Crackers to Rachel. It restores my faith in human nature. Maybe that is the start of the honest conversation about race that our esteemed Attorney General tells us we are afraid to have. We just need to sit down with Rachel and tell her that Negro is just a word, Black is just a word, and African American is just too many words. Cracker is kind of endearing, it grows on you, creepy ass, well I know some people that might apply to as well.
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