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Friday, October 04, 2013


Tony Macrini: House of Representatives should shut up and sit down.

 Morning drive time radio talk show host on WNIS, Tony Macrini, who vows he’s a Libertarian, was ranting at a caller this morning about the impasse between the Democrats and the Republicans.  He kept repeating the Democrats talking point that since Obama was re-elected, he gets his way no matter what.  If he wants to prevent the House from making any changes in ObamaCare, the House’s job is to salute smartly, ignore its role as specified in the Constitution, and obey. 
His solution was for Republicans to try to capture both houses of Congress and the Presidency and then they can make some changes.  Until then, according to “Libertarian” Macrini, the House must bow to the wishes of the Democrats in the Senate and the President.  If the Democrats put their foot down, the House is irrelevant in this government; their job is to rubber stamp what the Senate and the President wants.  Oh, and forget what their constituents sent them to Washington to do.
Now while I have the utmost respect for a high school graduate and a radio talker, that’s not the way the law of the land, the Constitution, says the government is supposed to function.  In fact, here’s something high school graduates used to know: congress has a duty to pass a budget every year.  That’s something that congress has not done for five years.  The term you hear bandied about “CR” stand for “continuing resolution” which is a short-had way of saying that we won’t do our job of working on a budget for the government but just put it on autopilot and let it do next year what it did last year.  And when did that start?  Well if you’re a high school graduate and can check back you’ll find that Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate started doing that five years ago.  So the US Government has been spending money without a budget for every year of the Obama presidency. 
You can always tell a Libertarian by his stand on principle, especially if he voted for Obama. 

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