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Wednesday, December 04, 2013


“private sector velocity and efficiency.”

following our story about Obama's uncle claiming that Obama stayed with him despite Barack's insistence he never met the man, we have this lie: the ObamaCare program is operating with “private sector velocity and efficiency.” Ir obviously isn't but Obama's hoping that people who are not going to the website or trying to enroll in ObamaCare will believe the lie.

Bud Norman:
The claim is laughably untrue, of course, but at this point no one expects candor from the administration. What’s striking abut the statement, rather, is its admission that the private sector sets a standard of effectiveness which the public sector aspires to meet.

Some significant amount of the administration’s pride had to be swallowed in order to make such a confession. A white-hot hatred of those evil top-hatted, moustache-twirling businessmen and a warm fondness for the selfless virtues of government employees was the basic rationale of Obamacare, and of modern liberalism in general, so it must be embarrassing to the high-minded bureaucrats of the Obama administration to be reduced to bragging that they can get things done just as well as those profit-motivated private sector folks. The fact that the boast is not even close to true, and that this is now objectively apparent to even the most gullible observers, can only compound the embarrassment.

By the way, did you know that thos evil insurance companies operate with a 3.3% profit margin, which ranked a shocking 88th place among the nation’s industries?

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3.3% margin isn't much of a safety margin against massive f*ck up. Oh well. I have no sympathy for the insurance companies, honestly, for they made their own bed in 2009 when they decided to play crony capitalist ball with all this statist nonsense. There is still time for them to rescue themselves from their original sin, but I see no sign it has dawned on them.
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