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Sunday, March 12, 2023

January 6th - The Made for TV Movie.

January 6th has assumed an event of epic proportions.  Democrats claim that it is worse than Watergate. a more significant threat to the country than the Civil War and a greater tragedy than 9/11.  

It was an "insurrection."  An attempt to "overthrow the government." A bloody event that injured hundreds and killed five police officers.  

Republicans have retreated to simply calling it a riot.  Something that was not that bad but should not have happened.  

But why begin by asserting that Jan 6th should not have happened? 

Public demonstrations are as American as apple pie. It was what America stands for or, at least, stood for — protesting and making their feelings known. 

Ask any of the BLM demonstrators and their supporters in the government and media who defend events that led to the violent deaths of dozens, widespread arson and looting, and the destruction of billions in property.   

But as evidence that has been suppressed about the events of January 6th is released, it's becoming more likely that much of what happened in the Capital on Jan 6th was stage-managed.

In some respects, it resembles a play involving the audience, who become actors unaware of their roles in the play, Not just the people who entered the building but the police that allowed them in. 

It's becoming more evident that some people saw the opportunity of the half-million people who attended a Trump rally in Washington on the day the Senate certified the election of Joe Biden as an opportunity to create a stage-managed event that would destroy the MAGA movement.  

These MAGA people liked Trump and believed that the election had been stolen from them.  They were tinder for a team of professional provocateurs. American intelligence agencies had become skilled at creating mobs in foreign countries to overthrow governments.  They saw Trump and the entire Conservative populiust movement as a threat to their hold on the nation and had to be stopped.

What better way to do that was to create a riot, film it, and destroy it with the help of the media that hated Trump and the MAGA movement.  Enter Ray Epps, a team of FBI agents and informants, a generous helping of Antifa shock troops, and a deliberately weakened police force, and then herd hundred of flag-waving Trump supporters into the Capitol building.

The Qanon Shaman was so perfect for his part that he was actually brought into the Senate chamber by the police officers to be recorded by a battery of photographers to do a "Star turn."  

As final proof that the entire event was stage named is that the "official fact checkers" are busy denying that the entire January 6th play was stage-managed. Virtually everything that was denounced as an insane conspiracy theory about Covid, its origins, its treatment, and the vaccine has been proven to be the truth, and the official statements lie.  Regarding January 6th, no police officers were killed, but two Trump suppers were.  The people who entered the Capitol were peaceful and orderly.  The people smashing windows were black-clad Antifa.  Ray Epps, who was most prominent in urging people to enter the Capitol, was never arrested for his part in the so-called "insurrection."  

Revolver News has done great investigative work on the facts surrounding January 6th, debunking some of the more egregious lies.  With the revelations that are coming out from the release of the over 40,000 hours of videotape and lots of videos from participants that are being released, the truth will come out.

Roger Kimball.:What happened on January 6th.   

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