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Wednesday, March 08, 2023

The challenge for Republicans and Trump opponents

 After what we have seen, especially after top Republicans like Mitch McConnell dumped on the revelations from the tapes Tucker Carlson showed:

There are a significant number of republicans who would very much like to move on from Trump. Okay, that's a perfectly acceptable position.

However, Trump supporters will need to be convinced that the next set of "leaders" put up by our GOPe "leaders" will actually represent them and all the old lies the GOPe leadership have told over the years to retain power are no longer operative.

So, what is left for a "Let's Move On From Trump" type to do? Well, you could actually try and present an argument for why another candidate or candidates will actually support the economic/foreign/trade etc policies that Trump pushed that worked so well for the working/lower classes.

But the "Let's Move On From Trump" crowd can't really do that because its thus far it's not clear yet any other candidate will do or ever do any of that. Including DeSantis. Perhaps because DeSantis remains a Paul Ryan clone as he was during his congressional career or perhaps because DeSantis is not a Paul Ryan clone but doesn't possess the campaign cash/infrastructure independence to do that.

So the default argument, by necessity, becomes Trump is so dumb and yucky and this and that and the other that we simply have to dump him and hope for the best!

But that won't work in 2023/24 because if that is truly the only argument put forth then the bulk of the base voters know, intuitively, they are going to get screwed again. So they'll stick with the only guy that has ever fought for them in those economic/foreign affairs/trade matters and actually seemed like he liked them over the candidates pushed by people that literally and explicitly despise the base voters.

But hey, knock yourselves out and make your case to the people. Stop kissing up to the democratical narratives because you want Trump gone so very badly but you don't want to bother with the much more difficult task, which requires hard work and reasoned persuasion, of convincing your fellow republicans that things truly can be better with an alternative candidate.

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