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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The world according to the Virginian Pilot, March 29, 2023

  •  Virginian Pilot makes mentally ill transgenders the real victims of mass murder in schools. 
  •  A trans mass murderer just killed 6 innocent people, including 3 little kids, and they are running a victim puff piece about how trans people in Virginia are the real victims
  • You knew they would.
  • No one on the Left today apologized for their violent rhetoric after Christian children were gunned down in a school.
  • Christians should be afraid.  
  • The media is the root cause of all of America's current problems.
  • Migrants kill 40 in Mexico.
  • Scotland is ruled by Muslims. Another glass ceiling is broken.
  • Virginian Pilot decries laws making it harder to vote illegally.
  • Claims without evidence that voter fraud is not real.
  • Boy Scouts went woke, now broke.
  • Virginian Pilot blames poverty on racism.
  • Is there anything that they won't blame on racism?

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