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Monday, March 27, 2023

The world according to the Virginian Pilot, March 27, 2023

  •  Giant heads are on the front page, and shootings get brief mentions at the bottom of page 2.
  • Virginian Pilot desperately lies about what happened on January 6th as the truth gradually emerges via videotape.  Message: believe our story, don't believe your lying eyes.  
  • Virginian Pilot - a relentless defender of criminals in conflict with the police - celebrates the shooting death of a small, unarmed, military veteran woman by cops.
  • Virginian Pilot claims members of Congress visiting men in prison are "cozying up."
  • Virginian Pilot defines wandering peacefully through the capital as a "serious crime."
  • Virginian Pilot brands "let's go Brandon" vulgar.
  • Virginian Pilot compares January 6th to the Civil War.
  • Virginian Pilot defends keeping prisoners locked up for years without trial as long as they're white Trump supporters.
  • Virginian Pilot lies about the FBI investigating parents who attended school board meetings as domestic terrorists. 
  • Honduras signed agreements with China and cut ties with Taiwan. Not a word about Biden's role in this defeat for the US.    
  • Virginian Pilot is totally silent on million-dollar bribes to the Biden family by China.  It's all about Trump and Stormy Daniels. 
  • What is China getting from Biden for a few million dollars?
  • Virginian Pilot shills for Big Tech.  Wants you to pity poor Google.
  • Virginian Pilot has your back if you have genital herpes.
  • Russia moving tactical nukes to Belarus as Biden incites WWIII.  

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