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Saturday, March 25, 2023

The world according to the Virginian Pilot, March 25, 2023

 The loathsome creators of the Corporate nanny state believe that these are the things you need to know.

  • Maternal deaths rise.  Left totally unreported is that all deaths are up, including men's deaths. COVID-19, drug overdoses, and accidental injury accounted for about two-thirds of the decline in life expectancy. Other reasons included heart and liver disease and suicides.  But for the Virginian Pilot, it's always "women and minorities hardest hit."
  • "Gold Bar" stickers are the latest cure for what the Virginian Pilot delicately refers to as "nightlife problems" (assault and murder) in downtown Norfolk. It's not a total loss; consultants made lots of money.
  • Multi-million dollar Maglev line that never worked to be demolished.
  • Did you know that we're involved in the war in Syria?
  • Virginian Pilot is not the least bit curious why Biden, who had secret government documents scattered in multiple locations, including his garage, is not under investigation but Trump's lawyer called before the grand jury to answer questions about documents at Mar a Lago.
  • Giving parents the right to see what their children are learning is a bad thing, according to (Democrat) critics of a bill designed to end secrecy at schools.  Democrats demand that pornography in grade school libraries is every child's right and that teachers secretly grooming children is fine.
  • STOP THE PRESSES: Debt and inflation are serious problems for lower-income people.  

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