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Saturday, March 18, 2023

The World According to the Virginian Pilot

  • Virginian Pilot "reporter" Nour Habib insists there is systemic racism in America and criticizes the Isle of Wight school board for failing to teach it.  Fails to add that black tribes and Arabs in Africa were the original slavers who captured both black and white people and sold them to slave traders.  
  • Widespread news reports that the Biden family received a $3 million payment from the Chinese Communist company, but no mention of this in the Virginian Pilot.  Instead, they print an article accusing, without evidence, that President Trump absconded with gifts like golf clubs and cufflinks from foreign governments.
  • Nearly 60% of Americans believe Biden is compromised on China.  No mention of it in the Virginian Pilot.
  • Pilot employee Eliza Noe accuses Norfolk city council of racial discrimination over floodwall.  The Pilot has been predicting Norfolk flooding for decades, but the city stubbornly refuses to go underwater.
  • 80 pages today.  Half the paper is TV listings ... literally.
  • The cartoon page is terrible without Dilbert.
  • STOP THE PRESSES: Oregon ends rebates for electric vehicles.  This is what passes for news in the Virginian Pilot.

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