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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The American Evolution

 America, the world's "Melting Pot," has been transformed in my lifetime into America, the "Distillery."

America was described as a melting pot because people from many different nations and cultures came here for freedom and a better life.  They left the "old country" so they and their children could become Americans- a new culture.

At some point, America's culture changed.  Who changed it or when needs to be clarified.  But it spread from Academia, where America was defined by its faults.  Academia attracted and promoted the idea that America was conceived in sin.  In fact, according to the 1691 version of history, America's purpose was to perpetuate evil.

As a result, America, that great melting pot, was changed to a distillery.  

People once came to America to become Americans.  But instead of becoming Americans, forces in this country work to separate us into our component parts, like a distillery.

A distillery separates a liquid into smaller parts, each with its own identity.  Powerful individuals and institutions openly advocate for cultural war between people of different skin colors, genders, and beliefs. These forces have captured the heights of political power.  President Biden was doing that with his speech at Philadelphia's Independence Hall with its red lights and divisive bellowing.  

Pray to a merciful God that the good people of this country recapture to culture and find the love that was lost.  

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