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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Understand That Some of Them Want You Dead

 Some psycho freak attacks a school and murders kids and teachers and you naturally want to draw a lesson from it. But it just happened and we do not actually know anything except a basic outline of the facts. One problem is that we may never know – if the facts are determined by the regime to be counter to the Licensed and Approved Narrative, then we will never know them This will go in the Forgotten Atrocity File, because it is not useful for the purpose of subjugating us.

Of course, some of these people are not satisfied with mere subjugation. They want extermination. For a slice of the Twitter pie, the massacre at a Christian school was a cause for smug celebration. Take that, Jesus people.

You need to accept that some people want you dead.

It’s nothing personal though, because you are not a person to them. You are an Other, an enemy, a designated villain for whom no suffering is sufficient to purge the crime of being you and not understanding that your proper role is submission. You look at how the other socialists through history, of various flavors, convinced people to engage in genocide and you realize it is all the same. The Other is bad, the Other is not human, the Other must die. The Russian Bolshevik socialists thought that way as they murdered millions. And the German national socialists thought that way as they murdered millions. And the Red Chinese, the Khmer Rouge, the Cuban socialists – all of them butchered those who were not quite human not because they were no homos sapiens but because they were not New Socialist Men.

This is the same with only the scope and the terminology. Maybe it was some antifa freak dreaming of a French Revolution here. Maybe it was some trans monster acting out his/her/zir homicidal fantasies. Maybe it was just a bastard. You can bet that if it was anything but an allegedly Christian Republican NRA member you won’t hear a damn thing. I would add race to the mix, but that’s not even important to their bogus analysis. “White Latinos,” black people who are the face of white supremacy, it doesn’t matter. All their race hustling is simply cover for the real truth. They hate you because, whatever your race or religion or anything else, you refuse to submit.

Some want you dead.  Some on social media will tell you.  Others simply imply it....

 They will eagerly demand that you disarm, because guns are bad you see. Except no one ever wanted to help you by making you less able to defend yourself. This is not about helping you. You are never going to shoot someone in a drug deal gone south or a carjacking. You will never walk into a school with murder on your mind. All you will do with those big, evil guns of yours is defend yourselves against criminals and tyrants. But then, our enemies like criminals and love tyrants. And they hate you.


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