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Thursday, March 23, 2023

There Is No Hope for the Regime Media

To my friends at the Virginian Pilot. 

 Krakauer worries that our democracy (okay, our constitutional republic) is in danger without journalists to keep those in power honest, but here’s a news flash. We have not had that for decades. Moreover, the journalists themselves have affirmatively endangered our democracy with their lies, falsehoods, and stubborn failure to cover stories that will embarrass their pals and offend their dwindling readership. Have we seen a hard-hitting story on the manifestly political targeting of Donald Trump by the NYC DA, or an explanation about how utterly ridiculous the legal theory against him is? How about some hard-hitting stuff on Ukrainian corruption and the Ukrainian army's problems? Remember anything about big liberal banks embracing ESG and DEI instead of, you know, competent banking? No. So the NYT/WaPo readership will be shocked when the charges against Trump get tossed and when the Ukrainian army collapses in the face of a coming offensive, just like they were surprised that Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank went nipples-north.

The media sucks. It is comprised of a few mostly dull people who have little life experience not involving daddy’s money or a keyboard choosing and writing stories based entirely on received woke wisdom. Expecting it to change is like expecting the sun to pop up in the west. It can’t. It won’t.

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