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Wednesday, September 12, 2012



I have predicted how the Arab Spring would develop for several years.  I have never been to Egypt, or for that matter any part of the Middle East.  I am a student of human nature.  Human nature is not immutable, but people who believe they can create a "new Soviet man" or and "Ubermensch" is severely deluded, and if they achieve power they can - and have - killed millions.  But it's this kind of magical thinking that believes  that the overthrow of Mubarak or K-Daffy would lead to a Western style of democracy.  

What amazes me is how people can delude themselves into believing what they want to believe.  (Like all those smart people like Ann Althouse and Walter Russell Mead who voted for Obama).

At Breitbart's Big Peace an essay by Virgil 

In the first and second parts of this series on the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt--and what it means for the US and its allies--we noted that both the Obama administration and the mainstream media have consistently misjudged the political ambitions of the Brotherhood during and after the Tahrir Square eruption in January 2011.
And then, we further noted, every time their misjudgments were demonstrated, every time the Brotherhood scored a gain, the Obamans and the MSM responded by insisting that nothing bad was happening. In other words, the message was: yes, we always get it wrong--but trust us anyway.  
So now let’s take a closer look at the most recent events in the Middle East as a whole, and how they might affect Israel. And let’s begin to consider whether or not this consistency of misjudgment is just relentless stupidity--or, in fact, part of a sinister pattern that could undermine the Jewish State’s ability to defend itself.  

Read the whole thing.  

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Sure just like DubYah who just knew we could democratize Iraq.
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