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Wednesday, July 03, 2013


New York Times Bowdlerizes Zimmerman Trial Testimony

If you went to public school you may not know what the Bowdlerize means. The term was named after an English doctor and philanthropist Thomas Bowdler who edited Shakespeare’s plays, taking out the “racy “parts.

In today’s NY Times on the Zimmerman trial they Bowdlerize the actual testimony to shield the lead prosecution witness – and Trayvon Martin - from being exposed as racist bigots. Here’s the Times version of what Trayvon Martin told Rachel Jeantel, his girlfriend, in the phone the night of the shooting: “he was being followed by a “creepy” man …” What she really said was that Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman a "creepy-ass cracker.”    The Times wins today's Thomas Bowdler prize for sending racist language that black people use down the Memory Hole.

Even in In TimesLand, calling someone is “creepy-ass cracker” is probably something to be covered up, although other Liberal commentators has defended the racist comments.

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