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Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Obama pining for the peace, quiet, and friendly press of Washington, D.C.

A great way of ending Bud Norman's review of rhe Obama family's $100 million African vacation.
Hooray for Barack Obama the African explorer.
By one of those hilarious twists of fate that seem to bedevil the president at every turn, Obama happened to be in Senegal on the day that the Supreme Court delivered a ruling striking down key portions of the Defense of Marriage Act and handing what was considered a huge victory to homosexual rights advocates. When asked about the ruling during an obligatory press conference with his Senegalese counterpart, the recently pro-same-sex-marriage Obama couldn’t help exulting. President Macky Sall was then asked for his views on the matter, and replied that he didn’t believe Senegal should go so far as make homosexuality legal. Although Obama takes a back seat to no one in his heightened sensitivity to third world cultures and their venerable traditions, homosexuality trumps multi-culturalism in the contemporary hierarchy of liberal values and he was thus compelled to have a rather public spat with the president of Senegal. The debate was widely reported in the African press, with the African public seeming to come down squarely on the side of Sall, and it seems incident has not strengthened American ties with the region. The Chinese government’s assiduous courtship of the region, so far as we know, have not included any talk of homosexuality.
Read the whole thing.

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