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Monday, October 07, 2013


A Good Week for the Anarchists

Bud Norman at Central Standard Times:

The fundamental premise of modern liberalism, so far as we can discern one, is that almost everything in life is best left to the government’s good intentions and uncanny effectiveness. This past week, alas, has not bolstered the argument.

By far the two biggest stories of the week were the partial shutdown of the federal government and its simultaneous opening of the long awaited, long dreaded Obamacare health care “exchanges.” Neither story shines a flattering light on the government, despite the best efforts of the old-time media, and both might therefore be seen as an embarrassment to the party that is most associated with modern liberalism and its belief in the goodness and effectiveness of government. For those who are new to the politics of America and are unsure which party that is, be advised that the Democrats have lately taken to calling the Republicans “anti-government” and even “anarchist,” while the Republicans are becoming increasingly comfortable with the descriptions.

Read the whole thing.

I notice that the old-time media is showing incremental changes in it's view. They are still peddling the story that the problems with ObamaCare as the result of its overwhelming popularity, but they are at least mentioning that there are problems.  The greatest power the press has is to ignore events that do not fit their template.  On another topic, global warming may still be the dominant religion, but, just as the Protestant reformation created schisms in the Christian church, we are beginning to see sects develop. Bob Geldof is predicting the end of humanity by 2030 while the editors of the Virginian Pilot are only predicting that Norfolk, VA will be underwater by that time. And the same Virginian Pilot has changed its claims about voter fraud from "none" to "few." as it wages war against having got show ID to vote.  (sorry for my frequent references, it's my local monopoly paper trying to be a junior varsity NY Times)

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