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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The nation’s big three news networks are falling right into place for President Obama and the Democrats, blaming the Republican Party for the government shutdown by a whopping 21-0 story count.

According to a survey by the conservative media watchdog Media Research Center, in 39 stories during the two weeks leading up to the shutdown, CBS, ABC and NBC blamed the failure to cut a budget deal on the Republicans 21 times, both parties four times, and Democrats zero times. In 14 stories, nobody was to blame.

so how does this encourage the shutdown to continue? Well, unless the Republicans cave (which the media works and hopes for) there is no reason for the Democrats to compromise.
“The media's biased coverage, both in this shutdown and in past ones, may be one reason why a resolution seems so elusive right now. It's hard to imagine the Obama administration and their fellow Democrats taking this tough a line -- harsh name calling, absolutely no negotiations -- if they didn't expect their friends in the liberal media to direct all of the blame toward conservatives and Republicans. And so far, our research shows Democrats are getting exactly the kind of media coverage they hoped for.”

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