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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Caving in to China

 Powerline's John Hinderaker writes:

The anxiety of the entire American establishment to protect the Chinese Communist Party is remarkable. Prominent Americans from Joe Biden to Mark Zuckerberg to Lebron James apparently prioritize loyalty to China over pretty much everything else. We normal Americans need a much better understanding of why this should be true.

To which Roger L Simon provides the obvious answer. These guys figure the Chinese have already won - and therefore, unlike Kraut-chummy Parisian trollopes in 1945, there will be no price to be paid for "collaboration":

A perfect example is giant Apple whose most recent quarterly China revenue came in at a record-breaking $21 billion+. At the same time we got all sorts of 'social justicey' talk from CEO Tim Cook.

What Cook is doing, cashing in big on one side while mouthing 'liberal' pieties on the other, suits the Chinese communists perfectly well, essentially enabling them. Apple then becomes a linchpin of American communism much in the way Huawei is a linchpin of Chinese communism. (Not inconsequentially, Apple's top five executives, including Cook, earned a total of almost exactly $120 million in 2020, up 13 percent during the pandemic.)

Almost our entire corporate world is trotting eagerly behind.

What will Zuckerberg, the Weirdbeard and the other commissars permit us to talk about? Over the weekend, I was asked to weigh in on the latest big Twitter fever - the vital question of whether or not Donald Trump had his trousers on backwards when he addressed the North Carolina Republican convention. The entirely predictable answer? No.

Yet, if Chairman Xi were to express a preference for wearing pants backwards, one has the strange feeling the WHO and CDC would recommend it and Zuckerberg, and The Washington Post would dismiss dissenters as conspiracy theorists, and Lebron James and John Cena would apologize for accidentally wearing their zippers at the front.

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