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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Chuck Grassley to DOJ: Explain Discrepancy In Application Of Law For BLM/Antifa vs. Capitol Rioters

 “The law must be applied equally without regard to party, power or privilege. When the Department of Justice treats similar criminal acts differently, such conduct erodes faith in our governmental institutions and the law.”

National Democrats, up to and including the Biden administration, want you to believe that our government is so fragile that a couple hundred unarmed trespassers in the Capitol Building on January 6th posed a very real threat to our Republic.

Let that sink in.  They expect us to believe that our government was—literally—on the verge of collapse during those few hours.  Keep in mind that not one of the hundreds arrested, many of whom are still being detained, was armed.

The one and only person who died violently, at someone else’s hand, at the Capitol on January 6th was an unarmed Air Force vet, Ashli Babbitt, who was fatally shot by an as-yet unnamed Capitol police officer....

The latest leftist lie that the events at the Capitol on January 6th are the “worst act of political violence since the Civil War” is beyond laughable and aimed at the stupid, gullible, and uninformed (i.e. Democrat voters).  This historically-inaccurate hyperbolic nonsense is being peddled by everyone on the left from Joe Biden right down to the dregs of propagandist “journalism.”

The Democrats need to have a Reichstag moment in order to facilitate their shutting down of any and all dissent.  They need the events at the Capitol to be a crisis, and they need that crisis in order to justify expansive federal surveillance and persecution of their political “enemies” among the American people.

That “coup” and “insurrection” were just the ticket.  After all, who needs an actual crisis to declare a war on “domestic terror”?  Not the Dems because they have the media and Big Tech protecting this ludicrous lie that America was about to be undone by a ragtag bunch of selfie-takers.

Federal law enforcement don’t really care if the stinky commie hippies are the “enemy” or if normal Americans are.  Agency goals include, always, expanding power and control.  If that creeps into monitoring, surveilling, and ultimately persecuting Americans, that’s a win.

Our  federal government is currently waging a “war on domestic terror,” a “war”against non-woke American citizens who reject the racist, communist left’s divisive and destructive agenda.  That the events on January 6th were an historically minor incident that is dwarfed by (as but one example) Obama associate Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground setting off a bomb on the U.S. Senate side of the Capitol Building is beside the point.

Yet under the premise that a bunch of random, unconnected, unarmed people could actually topple our government, the FBI beclowned itself raiding an Alaska couple whom they well knew had never even entered the Capitol building, and the federal government is holding people for months on end who are guilty of, at most, trespassing.  Indeed, at least one man held in connection to the Capitol events was allegedly beaten so severely by jail guards that he is permanently blinded in one eye.

This is police state intimidation, it’s totalitarian political oppression, it’s banana republic political prisoner nonsense that is an absolute embarrassment and disgrace not just to the DOJ and FBI but to our entire country.

Meanwhile, BLM and antifa vandals, rioters, arsonists, and assailants are arrested and returned to the streets in record time.  Among the many people pushing bail funds for these violent criminals was then-senator and now VP Kamala Harris.

BLM and antifa criminals can literally commit arson, vandalism, assault, be filmed doing it, and be released the same day to continue their illegal activities.  Meanwhile, people who wandered into the Capitol on January 6th to take few selfies, and who didn’t set fire to or vandalize a single thing (or set up some crazy ‘autonomous zone’ that explicitly rejects U.S. government and law) are being held, beaten, permanently disfigured, and charged to the fullest extent of the law.

This disparate, blatantly unequal treatment of the Capitol Hill trespassers who are being persecuted not for actual crimes but for political purposes versus the criminal burning, looting, and murder by BLM and antifa throughout last summer (and continuing in Democrat-run cities to this day) is an outrage.

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