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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The second American Revolution


The first American Revolution occurred before 1776.  In the Hillsdale College historical course “Land of Hope” the historian Dr. Wilfred McClay clearly and vividly explains that the real American revolution occurred first in the minds of the American colonists.  This occurred years before the first shots were fired.  The Patriots were persuaded that they had a right to rule themselves rather than being ruled by Imperial England. 

Thomas Paine’s widely read pamphlet “Common Sense” reflected these beliefs.  The Declaration of Independence put them into a formal resolution.  And the “Shot Heard Round the World” began the bloody test of whether the revolution would live. 

We are now amid a second revolution.  Like the first one, it began in the mind.  But unlike the first revolution it is a top-down rather than a bottom-up movement.  It is led by an entitled class whose goal is to rule those who view the rest of us as cattle, to be herded.  And if we resist to be beaten and cowed into submission.  This is not a revolution for the people, but a counter-revolution of the privileged. 

The first revolution had two factions: the Patriots who wished to form a new Republic and the Tories who wished to be ruled by Imperial England.  The current revolution also has two factions.  This time the Patriots wish to keep the Republic and the Socialist who wish to re-establish a Continental Empire ruled by from the Imperial City: Washington DC. 

The first steps have already been taken.  The Socialist control the means of communication.  They hold the Presidency and the bureaucratic levers of power, the police powers of the central state and are purging the military of those who disagree.  They hold the tools of coercion much as the British held those powers until the shooting began.  Their political power bases are densely populated urban centers and communities dominated by academic institutions.  The Patriots are widely dispersed throughout the rest of the country and lack a unified center. 

But like the original revolution the issue is still in doubt.  As many Patriots surely did before the bloody battles of the of the Revolutionary war began, we pray that bloodshed can be avoided.  But world history is the story of violent conflict interspersed with brief periods of peace.   Let us pray that the Patriots are again victorious. 


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