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Monday, June 07, 2021

The Wuhan virus was released to remove Donald Trump


Ever since the Nixon opening to China, American foreign policy has been focused on making China a full member of the international community. 

Nixon saw China as a counterweight to Russia who was our primary strategic opponent since the Second World War.

Others saw closer relations with China as an advantage from their own viewpoint.  American corporations originally saw a billion Chinese as a huge untapped market for their products and services.

The entertainment industry knew Chinese like movies.  The sports industry saw Chinese sports fans.  And both slavered at the opportunity to sell a billion tickets.   

Wall Street saw billions of dollars in fees from the emerging Chinese interest in publicly traded companies.

Academia saw Chinese students paying full tuition, funding for research and new buildings.

Manufacturers saw cheap Chinese labor as a way to cut costs, labor being a major part of the cost of manufacturing products.

Successive American administrations were convinced that opening up China would transform them into a Democracy.  

Instead, what happened is that American institutions became dependent on the Chinese market, Chinese manufacturing and the approval of the Chinese Communist Party for their profits.  

Moreover, these profits depended on staying on the good side of the Chinese Communist Party who could, with the snap of their fingers, stop movie distribution or end sporting events by teams that failed to toe the Communist Party line. 

Donald Trump is the first American President who has actual experience in international trade and was the first to point out that America’s trade with China was a disastrously one-sided proposition.   

Trade agreement with China favored China over American interests.  These agreements incentivized American companies to close factories in the U.S., open factories in China and destroy American jobs.  

Destroying middle class jobs was not a hardship for government workers who did not have to fear being replaced by cheap Chinese labor, but Trump saw what was happening and decided to do something about it.  He demanded new trade agreements, and when China balked, he established tariffs.  These actions began to reverse decades of neglect for Middle America.  But it was a shock to the American Ruling Class who was getting rich while the working class was being decimated. 

The Chinese decided to do something about it and they knew that they could count on the
American Ruling Class to go along.  They would get rid of Donald Trump.  When the Russian Collusion hoax failed, something stronger was required.  That “something” was the Wuhan virus. 

They knew the FBI, the CIA and the DOJ were opposed to Trump.  They also knew that the CDC and the DOD were implicated in funding research at the Wuhan Virology lab to see how bat viruses can be made deadly to humans. 

So they released the virus on an unsuspecting world and issued a cover story.  The lie was that it occurred naturally from a market in Wuhan the sold live animals.  

Immediately their allies in the sciences echoed their lies, telling us that there was no question that the virus was natural.  Any suggestion that the virus may have come from a virology lab in Wuhan was classified as a crackpot conspiracy theory.  

The American press, piled on and not only  blamed the deaths that followed on President Trump but told their audience that to even the mention of the fact that the virus came from China was racist.

Anthony Fauci, who’s office was the source of some to the funds that wend to the Wuhan lab worked tirelessly to deny any responsibility and persuaded President Trump to lock the country down. 

The Chinese could not have asked for a better ally.  It wasn't the release of the virus, but the shutting the economy down that that transformed the economic miracle that President Trump has performed into deep recession, deliberately throwing millions out of work and destroying a large part of the small business community.

The press entered the election uniformly opposed to the President.  The press and the major tech giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Google prevented any discussion of drugs - like Ivermectin - that could get people well if they became infected by the Wuhan virus.  This led to thousand dying in agony.  But to the Left it was worth it.  For the first time in American history, an American president was literally censored and prevented from using the public square.  Meanwhile the virulently Andi-Trump Washington Post was proclaiming that “Democracy Dies in Darkness” even as they – and our new tech overlords were using their power to silence their political opponents in ways that dictators will copy faithfully in the future. 

The Chinese can say “Mission accomplished.”  They didn’t even have to make it that deadly.  In purely biological terms, the virus itself is marginally more deadly than common flu except of people who co-morbidity.  It was lies, misinformation and fear that Left used as a weapon.   It was used to reverse the President who put America first, who believed in American Greatness, and who felt compassion for those who the Ruling Class had discarded. 

So the country is now beginning to ask whether this virus was accidentally released.  The real question that needs to be answered was whether is was purposeful.  And why? 

“By the fall of 2019 Donald Trump had achieved the greatest economic boom in American history, had put a serious dent in the Chi-Com economy vis a vis ending suicidal trade and tariff regimes and was effectively confronting them on their imperialist designs on the South China Seas and elsewhere. Meanwhile, Hong Kong and other provinces less well-covered in the media were seriously defying Peking, and the Chinese economy itself had serious problems. Meanwhile the Democrat Party, the PRC's political soul-mates, was parading around an anti-American freak show of 20 candidates vying to see who would draw the short straw to get his/her/xer ass kicked in a landslide by Trump, who looked unstoppable especially after the New Year's present of taking out Iran's #1 terrorist mastermind. And then, as if by magic...”

Here's the problem.  The Left, the Democrats, the media, the tech oligarchs, and the army of government bureaucrats are in league with China.  So we are in for interesting times.  Will China invade Taiwan?  Will riots rock America’s cities?  Will there be another Reichstag Fire?  Will the FBI continue its manhunt for people who attended Trump rallies?   As Comrade Beria famously said ”show me the man and I will show you the crime;” will Trump be indicted for littering? 


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