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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Collaborating with China

Anyone who thinks that the aftermath of the Wuhan flu escaping the lab is an accident is a fool. 

 No western government agency should be experimenting with lethal viruses in a facility documented to be as slapdash about safety protocols as the Wuhan Institute of Virology. But let us say the leak was accidental. Occam's Razor suggests that it's entirely obvious Chairman Xi would use it to rid himself of the US-China "trade war" (remember that?) and the one American politician serious about arresting and reversing the rise of Beijing. Furthermore, Xi knew he could rely on America's media-corporate-showbiz nexus to "collaborate" on that. What may have surprised him, if only in the totality of its fetal posture, is the west's willingness to tank its economy, wall up its citizenry for a year, and howl down anyone who wanted to blame the perp as "racist".

So maybe it's time to take it to the next level. Right now, the global Covid death toll is closing in on four million. To many among the Covid scoffers, that's chump change relative to the world's population, and anyway a lot of them were getting up there - in their nineties, late eighties, early sixties... But once upon a time killing four million people used to be regarded as a big deal in and of itself. And, as I said on Thursday's Clubland Q&A, as of today the preponderance of the evidence is that they were killed by a virus that escaped from a lab funded by the Government of the United States.

You don't think Xi can't make that work for him? Is Trump still talking about reparations? "Okay, you first," says Beijing. How do you think India and Brazil feel about Fauci's games of function at the virological equivalent of the CIA's overseas rendition sites? Or the European Union, which semi-crippled its economy in semi-perpetuity? France closed its restaurants and told them to do (dread word) "take-out": wouldn't you like to stick it to the Yanks for that?

Consider the prevailing political realities: If you blame Covid on Chairman Xi, he kiboshes you with sanctions (Australia) or forces you out of the Five Eyes (New Zealand). Whereas, if you blame Covid on Washington, what are they gonna do?

Furthermore, look at the key players closer to home. Powerline's John Hinderaker writes:

The anxiety of the entire American establishment to protect the Chinese Communist Party is remarkable. Prominent Americans from Joe Biden to Mark Zuckerberg to Lebron James apparently prioritize loyalty to China over pretty much everything else. We normal Americans need a much better understanding of why this should be true.

To which Roger L Simon provides the obvious answer. These guys figure the Chinese have already won - and therefore, unlike Kraut-chummy Parisian trollopes in 1945, there will be no price to be paid for "collaboration":

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