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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

America’s Rotten Academic Establishment Vomits Out More Demented Anti-White Rhetoric


Worth a read.  

 That doesn’t mean mass murder is inevitable or imminent. But this sort of rhetoric is the exact kind of dehumanizing, totalizing rhetoric used to justify the worst atrocities against the largest groups of people.  Labeling white people as “insatiable” parasites,  as fonts of “white fragility” or “whitelash” or “white rage” responsible for all of America’s political ills, fuels the cultural moment where it is acceptable to racially discriminate against white people, denying them jobs, university seats, and other opportunities purely on the basis of race. It drives an environment where leaders openly talk about levying special taxes aimed at white people or seizing their assets to redistribute to more favored races....

Calling the violent fantasies of extremists merely “symbolic” is playing along with the left’s ratchet strategy, where rhetoric steadily gets more expansive and more explicit in its demands, while reserving the right to say “just kidding!” every time there is pushback. This ratchet is how America went from “police reform” to “abolish the police” and “abolish prisons.” And it’s how America has gone from “symbolic” demands for reparations to American cities literally awarding money to some people based on skin color....

 Every day, ordinary American white people are subjected a propaganda blitzkrieg that treats them as the intractable source of all problems in America, incapable of reform or redemption. Even the mildest statement in defense of white people as a group is treated as an unthinkable taboo.

In D.C. the local government rewarded the worst looting in decades by painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in mammoth letters down a major street less than one week later. But at Ohio Wesleyan University in 2019, the FBI came in to criminally investigate someone putting up posters that simply said “It’s okay to be white.” The FBI also joined with state and local police to investigate the same sign at Western Connecticut State University. “It’s okay to be white” hasn’t been linked to a single act of mayhem and destruction yet it is treated as a national crisis, while dozens of major riots in the name of BLM have only entrenched it as state ideology. Why? Because, in America right now, it is emphatically not okay to be white.

“All white people are racist,” “only white people are racist,” and “reverse racism doesn’t exist” may not be believed by everyone, but they are stale tropes resurrected endlessly when needed to justify new discriminatory policies or more anti-white agitation.


America cannot survive if the right continues to live in denial about what is happening. They are not simply locked in a battle with “Marxism” or “critical race theory.” Both could vanish tomorrow, and the real threat would remain.  The actors of the Globalist American Empire who call “white supremacy” the nation’s top security threat, or blame “nice white parents” for the problems in education, or melt down over birdwatching being too white, aren’t being motivated by the finer points of Marxism. They’ve simply been trained, at an instinctive level, to despise white people. Less white is good, more white is bad. And once that concept has been made explicit, even the worst atrocities become possible.

The vast majority of Americans do not want to live in a country marred by racial hatred. They believe in fairness, equal opportunity, and treating people as individuals. Even in California, despite a huge spending advantage and the support of almost every nexus of power in the state, a proposition to legalize explicit racial discrimination failed decisively with the state’s voters.

The left’s rhetoric of race hatred is evil, but it’s also unpopular. It survives because its proponents lie about what it is, and their enemies are too frightened to call them out. Contrary to the left’s repeated smears and lies, the right has long avoided racializing America’s policy debates. Even now, half a decade after it became cringeworthy, it’s still more common to see Republicans accuse Democrats of being the real racists against America’s non-whites than it is to see them bluntly state the truth about the left’s anti-white impulses.

The time for this to change is now. From now on, it is the duty of the right’s opinion leaders to openly say what the extremist anti-white left is doing: Deliberately tolerating and enabling violent, dehumanizing, and yes, pre-genocidal rhetoric against innocent American white people. Americans of all races will be ready to resist this. But they need leaders who will honestly say what is happening.

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