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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Stanford Scientist Gave a Diagnosis of Anthony Fauci's Credibility. You May Want to Sit Down.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is busted stuff. He's damaged goods. He's a liar. He needs to go away. Every time he gets on television to stroke his ego, he only damages the very institutions entrusted with fighting pathogens and preparing for future pandemics. The medical expert community is finished for a while. There's no reason to listen to them ever again. They said wear masks but didn't tell us that the store-bought products were useless. There was no such thing as asymptomatic spread. He thought a COVID vaccine wasn't necessary, and there's quite a paper trail concerning Fauci, the NIH, EcoHealth Alliance, and the grants doled out to the Wuhan virology lab that might be the epicenter for this pandemic. 

 The emails Fauci sent, which were obtained via a FOIA request, show a massive history of lying to the public about some key COVID protocols that simply were not backed by science. They went along with it anyway. Noble lies…are still lies, and when exposed, the damage can be catastrophic. It shows the scientific community decided to peddle pure fiction. It shows they got political. It shows the bias that has seeped into this expert community. And now they must now speak to empty rooms because no one should ever listen to these people again. They kept us scared about asymptomatic spread that's as real as the Russian collusion myth. Oh, and the variants—it's all scare tactics. Remember the "impending doom" we faced during spring break? Nothing happened. The ruse is up, and a Stanford epidemiologist summed up Fauci perfectly concerning his credibility.

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