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Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Holder loses court fight fight to hide "Fast & Furious" documents

The illegal gun running operation intended to  "prove" that US gun laws are responsible for Mexican violence, often and incorrectly referred to by the lackeys in the media as a "botched" operation, may see some more damning evidence of high Department of Justice collusion if Holder loses the suit and complies with the court order.  Of course he will not, not without a fight. 
In a ruling Monday night, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson turned down the Justice Department’s request to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege to prevent some records about the administration’s response to the “Operation Fast and Furious” gunrunning scandal from being turned over to Congress.
The order will not force Holder to produce the documents, however, since it only says that the court will not dismiss the lawsuit. Now it can go forward, meaning that Holder can let the clock run down.

What is frustrating is that this political operation lead to the deaths of thousands of Mexicans, killed by American guns just to "prove" a lie and designed to pass laws restricting American's right to buy guns. There is a tremendous amount of blood on Holder and his boss - Obama's - hands and the Democrats - in and out of the media - are fine with it. The government has killed a lot of people over the years, some by accident and some with malice, but I don't recall a US government operation that was deliberately designed to kill thousands of people for political purposes, to gin up outrage so that a law would be passed limiting a right of a free people.

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That sound you hear is the largest shredder ever constructed running 24x7 at DOJ.
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