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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Charlie Hebdo were all true to life followers of the Church of Leftism

The Left and cultural suicide.

The employees, artists, writers and editors of Charlie Hebdo were all true to life followers of the Church of Leftism. They were devout atheists and eagerly embraced all the tenets of liberalism. They, like so many of their fellow countrymen, voted to implement those policies that are the hallmark of the modern leftist. Among them being gun control and unfettered immigration.

The plot thickens, and we begin to see how they set themselves up for a reality check on the nature of evil in our world. By being proponents of an all-inclusive, “Everybody’s Welcome” immigration policy, and averting their eyes from the insular, closed and secretive communities of their new Muslim neighbors, France eagerly opened the front door and invited it’s executioner to dinner. The French hen-house believed with every ounce of its leftist being that it could live in peaceful harmony with the Islamic fox.

But then, with a force of will usually reserved for the truly suicidal, France has a long-standing philosophy, voted on and demanded by the people, of civilian disarmament. There is no concept of a Second Amendment in France. If the police do not get there in time, Pierre is dead. Jacques is dead.

And oftentimes, the regular beat cop in France is also disarmed, so as not to upset the populace with scary guns. As such, we witnessed the execution of a French Police Officer. Imagine that in America, a cop completely unable to defend himself; all of the authority of a badge, but none of the necessary force to back it up. The French people have purposefully and collectively decided that the concept of self-defense does not belong to them; instead, abdicating their rights to the government elite to protect them. And a government will always fail as it can only respond after the fact.

So what we saw last week was a truly gruesome, horrific series of murders, perpetrated to silence critics of Muhammad. It was a truly despicable murderous rampage by demon-possessed monsters. It was also a suicide. A suicide performed by a nation and a culture who thinks so little of themselves that they will eagerly allow monsters to be their neighbors and lay down their weapons as a gesture of submission.

Although it was Muhammad that pulled the trigger, it was Charlie that handed him a loaded gun.

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