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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Liberal calls for attack on Israel

I think it was Yogi Berra who said that "you can observe a lot by just watching."   With that I found out that some Liberals are seriously thinking that a nuclear attack on Israel by, among others, France, should be under consideration. 

I was reading Netanyahu’s Victory, on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal when I ran across this gem by a commenter named Marc Jones:
Here is something for you to consider Mr. Perlman. There are a number of nuclear states which are dependent on Middle East oil. They include China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and France. There are several other states which have all the components and capabilities to construct nuclear weapons very quickly, that are also dependent on Middle East oil. They include Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, and South Korea. Do you really think they will allow their economies to be wrecked by a conflict between Iran and Israel? Is it Israel or Iran who's elimination would lead to greater stability for their economies? It is not just Israel that can be expected to act in its own best interests. Israelis should spend some time pondering that fact.

When someone pointed out that if Israel believed that nuclear armed nations could decide to destroy  Israel to protect Arab oil it would be a very good reason for them to attack Iran first, Marc Jones said this: are off by a full 180 degrees regarding my scenario. Let me be more clear. A first [sic] against Iran by Israel is a recipe for disaster. They don't have sufficient convention capability to eliminate the Iranian nuclear infrastructure. If they decide to use their nukes, it is quite likely they will face a pre-emptive first strike by any of a number of nuclear powers dependent on Mid-east oil. Charging into a box canyon, guns blazing is generally a very bad idea and that would be exactly what a first strike would entail. The result could be existential tragedy for Israel, a truly God-awful outcome.

He decides to double down in a follow-up:
Nations act in their own best interests. Think about that. What is in the best interests of those countries? Israeli security? Not by any stretch of imagination. They will protect their own economies.

...all of the countries listed have active and effective foreign intelligence services. Several have extensive spy satellite systems. If they think events in the Middle East are beginning to risk their wellbeing, they will be watching. If they see Israel making pre-launch preparations and it makes sense to do so, they will act.

Marc Jones sees an attack, not by Arabs, but by nations depending on Mid-East oil as a real possibility.  


Perhaps. But we once thought that an American president ruling by decree executive order was outrageous.  We once thought that free speech was sacrosanct, especially on college campuses.  We once thought that we could buy a cup of coffee without getting lectured on race.  We once thought that how long you showered was none of the government's business.  We once thought that helping Israel - the only democracy in the Middle East - defend itself was as American as apple pie.  It helps to observe what the Left is thinking in its unguarded moments, because their agenda is on the march.  And nuking Israel to protect access to Arab oil is definitely on their radar screen. 

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