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Saturday, March 07, 2015

White House alerted to potential Clinton email problem in August But the Clinton camp urged it to keep the issue quiet.

They expect us to believe that they never saw that Hillary's e-mails never came from a .gov domain and that e-mails to her did not go to the .gov domain.  This from the super-tech-savvy Obama administration?  They really think you are that stupid and that the press will never raise the issue.

And they would be right.

The White House, State Department and Hillary Clinton’s personal office knew in August that House Republicans had received information showing that the former secretary of state conducted official government business through her private email account — and Clinton’s staff made the decision to keep quiet.
The rest of the Politico article is about it's effects on Hillary and Obama.  Nothing about the potential compromise of sensitive secrets.  About Russian, Chinese or even Iranian hackers getting into Hillary's server.  It's all about domestic politics and how it can hurt the Democrats. 

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