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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Letter to "Special Report" - Fox News with Bret Baier

I am a regular viewer of your program. In fact, I record it in case I don't get home in time to catch the beginning. I especially like the panel discussion at the end.

There is one subject that puzzles me.

It was part of today's panel discussion, but it's something that surfaces often. The issue if often framed like this: "If Congress does "X" and results in "Y" the Republicans will get blamed."

In this evening's discussion I believe that someone asserted that if negotiations with Iran don't result in an agreement, the Republicans will get blamed because of the letter they wrote to the leaders of Iran.

Given that the latest polls indicate that over half the American people do not approve of the administration's handling of ISIS or Iraq, why doesn't one of the panelists ask: "Who is this entity that will blame the Republicans ... to their detriment?" Given that one of the panelists is a member in good standing of the MSM (NPR?) I realize that may strike a little close to home, But you have a fairly articulate bunch of panelist and I would suggest that the unknown entity that blames Republicans for standing in the path of progress should be identified.

I am not persuaded that a poll of Americans - rather than members of the media - would show that a deal with Iran that allows them to continue to enrich uranium and eventually build a nuclear bomb would "blame" the Republicans. I am not persuaded that a poll of Americans - rather than the audience of NPR - would have a negative opinion of Congress if they held up funding for that part of DHS that is used to implement Obama's immigration policy.

I find it strangely telling that even Fox News personnel fall into the belief that policies that are opposed to the MSM will get a negative reaction from the American people. 

This is 2015.  Fox is the leading cable news network and Rush Limbaugh has the top radio show. The alphabet networks are losing their audience.  Newspapers are struggling to survive.   Weekly news magazines are sold for $1.  It's as if you do not believe in your own slogans that "Fair and balances" is a passing fad.  It's as if you doubt your ability to to impact the public conversation. 

That's disappointing. But keep up the good work nevertheless.

Thanks for listening.

1 comment:

thisishabitforming said...

From my perspective I would change the operative phrase from "get blamed" to 'get credit". If congress does something that most of the people approve of, why would anyone describe it as blame?

If a train is coming down the tracks and I'm stuck in the way, the person who pushes me off the tracks, gets credit, not the blame.