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Saturday, March 07, 2015

The whole “hands up, don’t shoot” thing was a lie.

THE EMILY LITELLA PRESIDENCY: Obama: DOJ right not to charge Ferguson cop.

Discredited ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Claim Spread by Media a Gajillion Times. Here are Some of Them.

The Media Research Center has a reputation for keeping a sharp eye on major American news outlets. Through their monitoring of the various networks, they counted at least 140 different times that the phrase “hands up, don’t shoot” was used in reference to the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

The 140 times “hands up, don’t shoot” was referenced contradicts the Justice Department’s findings, which determined that at no point during the tragic altercation did Michael Brown attempt to surrender, either physically or verbally.

The MRC’s Kristine Marsh notes:

“Now, the DOJ report and Attorney General Eric Holder have admitted that the catch phrase was based on false witness accounts. None of the networks apologized or admitted their own reporting spread that false narrative.”
The extent to which the repetition of what is now confirmed to be a false narrative had on the social movements and demonstrations that followed is unclear.

What is certain, however, is that at least 140 times, on the three major TV news outlets, the accounts of the events from the dreadful night in Ferguson were inaccurate.

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