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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Democrats believe all sorts of stupid, false, vicious and racist things.

Ace of Spades

I've often said, because it sounds clever and may even be right, that it's not the true things we believe that define us -- everyone believes that the sun is warm; how does that differentiate us? -- but the false things.

I also think that a political movement is marked by the false things it either believes or goes silent about, because a large number of its congregants wrongly believe the false things to be true, and will get upset if you claim otherwise.

The media likes to claim the GOP is full of false believes, especially about Science, and that may be true here and there.

But which is the party which still believes that Michael Brown was assassinated, or that his death was caused by "structural racism" in Ferguson, rather than that which seems more likely to be the more proximate cause, to wit, his punching an armed police officer in the face and then reaching for his loaded weapon?

The Democratic Party is not properly called the Stupid Party because all of the stupid, false things they believe are either widely believed by the media, or never contradicted by the media, because the media does not want to upset the sensibilities of its fellow Democrat voters.

But yes, they believe all sorts of stupid, false, vicious and racist things.

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