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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Muslim Men Who Join ISIS ‘Attracted by the Entire Sexual Slaves Fantasy’

Dr. Azeem Ibrahim
I know from reliable journalist sources in Turkey that many foreign fighters are joining ISIS attracted by the entire sexual slaves fantasy. In fact, a lawyer friend of mine who up until 2010 represented over 50% defendants in anti-terrorism cases confirmed to me that those arrested in the UK in anti-terrorism raids had over 90% of their hard drives filled with pornography. These are social misfits who are sexually frustrated.

But deeper than that is a lack of empathy and understanding: for these men, “females” are an enigma, a strange animal, which they fail to understand and thus must control and subjugate brutally. Which is why they engage in deviant sexual practices whilst at the same time forcing women to cover their faces and even hands in public.

We heard that the 9/11 terrorists went to Las Vegas before they attacked America.

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