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Friday, March 13, 2015

Hillary and the Press' dilemma

The press is reliably Democrat but they are treating Hillary as if she were a Republican.  

People on this side of the political spectrum are wondering ... why?

There are several possibilities, but the e-mail scandals are the least likely.  The press gave her a pass on Benghazi when she blamed four dead Americans on a video.  They dismissed the way she turned $1000 into $100,000 in cattle futures by "reading the Wall Street Journal."  The sudden re-appearance of the Rose Firm billing records was a one-day wonder.  The press just chuckled at the bimbo eruptions.  Laundering millions from foreign governments through the Clinton foundation was no big deal.  

So what's different?

It may just be that the press realized that Hillary is an old face from the past and could just lose the next presidential election to someone with something new to offer.  She has no positive achievements. She's not likable.   Her financial greed doesn't play well to the populist crowd.  So the press may just be trying to kill her chances at the Democrat nomination so they can create a new legend for a newly minted candidate.  While the press would secretly prefer an avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders, he may be too hard to sell to the American people.  But Elizabeth Warren is definitely to their tastes.  

And if they don't kill Hillary's lock on the nomination, they will dutifully get in line and let bygones be bygones.  In any election the press' choice will always be the Democrat.

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