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Friday, March 27, 2015

Latest Obama Interviewer Had Sex with a Japanese Doll for a News Story

Barack Obama knows his constituency.

The latest man to score an interview with President Obama, Shane Smith, has conducted some hard-hitting interviews, including one with a Japanese sex doll.

You’re not misreading that; in a video from 2008, founder and CEO of Vice media Shane Smith pays to have sex with a doll in a Tokyo doll brothel. The doll is shown spread-eagle on a bed, and the camera provides several gratuitous up-skirt shots....

The company Smith founded,, “revels daily in hard drug use, weird sex and every sort of bodily effluvium,” reports Forbes, and this video, part of the “Vice Guide to Sex,” is no exception.

When I heard about this interview I wondered about the name of the media channel but I thought "VICE" was an acronym.  I was wrong.  Barack Obama goes to a porn channel for an interview.  

Not that the mainstream media is not willing to don knee-pads for Obama, but it's not nearly as edgy as a guy having sex with a doll in Japan. 

1 comment:

fuzzywzhe said...

Finally! A relatively respectable journalist has interviewed the president, instead of the typical toadying scum panderers.