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Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Transcript of Joe Rogan Interviewing Dr. Robert Malone

 The consequences of a viral interview between Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone continue to reverberate.   Google, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have all removed the interview from their platforms and banned the content sharing. Obviously, the content of the interview has been deemed subversive to the interests of U.S. government officials and Big Tech.

However, that said, Texas republican congressman Troy Nehls (TX-CD22) has placed the transcript of the interview into the public record.

The transcript is available on Nehls’ website HERE, also available in pdf download/upload format HERE, and we have copied it to a sharable pdf format HERE and embed below.

The entire transcript of the 3-hour interview is 43 pages.

Hope you find this useful as a resource.  The rebellion continues….



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