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Monday, January 03, 2022

The French Army in 1940…and the American CDC in 2021

 Interesting discussion, including the comments, about the bureaucracy that was the French Army in 1940 and the CDC today.  A great example is the CDC's interest in an app that tracks infection.

Thanks to endless requests for revision about an article about the app, the paper was rejected because it took over 12 months to produce.  A delay that was entirely the fault of the CDC.

After resubmission in <30 days, rejected months later despite green light from peer reviewers. Bottom line from CDC editor: because our data is now too old, we longer conform with journal guidelines….

So after the manuscript spend the vast majority of the previous 12 months on CDC desks not ours, we were rejected by the CDC because the data had become >12 months old.

Read the whole thing.

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