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Monday, January 03, 2022

'You're Just Mad You Can't Date Me!' Shouts AOC To Confused Drive-Thru Worker At Arby's


MIAMI, FL—Congresswoman AOC has been spotted vacationing in Florida while her home state of New York experiences a large spike in Covid cases. AOC hasn’t taken the criticism well and has responded by taking out her frustration on a bewildered Arby’s drive-thru worker.

“You’re just mad you can’t date me!” AOC yelled when asked if she was ready to place her order yet. “Ugh, but whatever I guess I’ll take a number one combo with curly fries.”

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, but we are currently out of curly fries,” said the Arby’s cashier.

“NO YOU CAN’T HAVE PICTURES OF MY FEET, YOU CREEPY REPUBLICAN WEIRDO!” shouted AOC in response. “You need therapy, won’t do it, and then you take out your sexual frustrations on women of color like me! Unbelievable.”

“Um, ma’am this is an Arby’s,” replied the timid cashier while calmly trying to resolve the situation. Reports indicate that the Arby’s employee proceeded to provide alternative fry options, but the fed-up congresswoman finally sped off.

On her way out, another car flashed its lights to let her go in front, but she shouted “You think I don’t see what’s going on here? Well, I CLEARLY have a boyfriend already, and it’s so obvious that you are just a strange, deranged individual!”