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Saturday, November 08, 2008

And I thought that dissent was the highest form of patriotism.

From the we learn that a crime may have been committed on the Purdue campus.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue officials are investigating anti-Barack Obama graffiti found on the West Lafayette campus this week.

An obscenity and the president-elect's name were painted on a tree in an area near the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall, where black students often gather. Other graffiti was found chalked on campus sidewalks and buildings.

In a letter to the campus, Purdue President France Cordova said called the graffiti "deeply offensive."

Purdue Police Lt. Fred Davis said officers are trying to determine if a crime was committed, since First Amendment rights were involved.

Another article from WTHR-Indianapolis gives a more explicit account of this evil deed. It seems that some racist criminal had the stones to paint “F**k Obama” on a tree.

West Lafayette - On the Purdue campus an old tree slowly drops it's fall colors revealing Nature's palette. But it took paint to remove something ugly here. Something that got the University president to drop a letter to her campus.
Jeanne Norberg of Purdue News Service says "some of the content of the graffiti is not something we want on our campus at all."

The graffiti appeared on the tree and on some campus sidewalks election night and again Wednesday night.

It's tradition for students to paint messages on the tree. But on the other side of the tree it's obvious where the university covered up the offensive message with blue paint.

One student who saw the message said "It had male genitals on there and it said f... Obama."

Purdue President France Cordova's letter calls it "reprehensible and wholly out of character with Purdue's long tradition of fellowship and mutual respect."

Having never been to the Purdue campus I don’t know if that is true. Somehow I find it somewhat hard to believe that a large college campus does not contain its fair share of Bush-haters. I mean, you only have to go to Facebook to find that, among other things, George Bush eats babies.

Can anyone remember the last time that academics were offended by "F**k Bush" signs, or had police investigating if a crime had been committed? Must we love our new overlord?

Or this from the LA Times:


Tim Blair links here and does a much better job with this. His commenters are a much more entertaining lot than mine. Example from from Dave S.:

See, what’s shocking to everyone on the campus is the impropriety of not transposing the initial consonants (e.g., “Buck Fush.") In that case, it’s perfectly OK. The problem here is that “Obama” starts with a vowel. I suggest bringing the culprits together with experienced campus leftists to learn the proper work-around for this problem. “Uck Fobama”, perhaps?

I can see a similar problem arising if deranged right-wingers begin to caricature Obama’s ears and refer to him as, oh, “the Chimplin” ("chimp" + “Stalin"). It would be incumbent upon these self-regarding “speakers-of-truth-to-power” that they put an asterisk in there somewhere with a disclaimer, such as-

Chimp*lin H. O’Stammer (*in a George Bush way, not a racist way.)

There’s a lot of President-slandering protocol to be worked out during the transition. If the Purdue folks would like to have me on the committee, I’m available to help.

Dave S. (Reply)
Mon 10 Nov 08 (12:43pm)

That's good!


Anonymous said...

There would only have been a crime committed if the paint was permanent and on public property. You are aware that graffiti can be illegal right?

Further, writing on sidewalks is a long-held tradition on campuses for groups and people to express themselves. Those offended can also express their disgust with it.

You have no overlord by the way. Just someone elected in a democratic election. Big difference.

Moneyrunner said...


You apparently have not been paying attention.

Man Arrested at Philly Obama Victory Rally for Wearing a McCain/Palin T-Shirt

When we start getting the cops involved and making arrests we are beyond expressing disgust.
Overlords have a way of growing into their position.