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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Deep Denial - Those "FOX NEWS Conservatives"

Ace of Spades notes that Shep Smith Continues His Six Year Audition for MSNBC


johnsal said...

Joe the Plumber meet Joe the Plumber. This poor fool shows up in Mr. Smith's battle space and gets napalmed back to the Stone Age. Remember folks it was Smith who was a primary catalyst for all the selective reporting, misrepresentations of information, and outright lies about the situation in NO post Katrina. He never admitted nor apologized for, basically, getting it all wrong all the time. At least MSNBC's Odorman has a plan in mind, even if it's promoting radical leftists and their causes. Smith is just a general purpose slimeball.

Anonymous said...

Smith is full of it.

I source the media's liberal slant to the education system which produced them. The same liberal slant which produced Obama. So they are on the same page.

I am about sick of so called Republicans saying how historic Obama's election is and how they think he will govern from the center. The liberals have not stopped slamming Bush and Cheney and yet we are supposed to now all come together under the united umbrella of "The One". I don't think so.