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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

James Hansen's NASA Group "Doctors" Data On Global Warming

Via Small Dead Animals ...

Andrew Bolt reports:
Hansen: September the hottest October
The Goddard Institute of Space Studies of warming extremist James Hansen has released its latest surface temperature data - and, oh my god, the recent cooling has suddenly ended.

Yes, it shows a huge upward spike for October - one of the biggest monthly anomalies ever recorded. And when you check closely, you will find that ... September was the hottest October ever recorded.

Wait! September?

Er, yes. But first check this map of the huge hot spot that created Hansen’s temperature spike:

Gee, that’s some heat wave over autumnal Russia.

Or is it? Australian Climate Madness reports:

Comments on Anthony Watts’ article indicate that certain temperatures in Russia that contribute to the GISS anomaly figure have been copied over from September! ...
And here’s the comment, from Patrick Kiser:

Quite simply, there is an input error.
In completing random check of the cities in warm area, every city with October 2008 data has identical data for both October and September:


DeWitt Payne says check the satellite pictures. No snow on Siberia at the end of September. Snow everywhere at the end of October. And Hansen claims the two months were equally warm?

Kate at Small Dead Amimals:
Update - NASA acknowledges "some mishap might have occurred... "

Update - In the comments, John Cross defends NASA's quality control in response to my criticisms;

"Kate: There is always a trade off between how quickly you get the information out and how much quality control you can run."

OK then, let's make this simpler.

As in "Holy heat-seeking-map-missile, Batman! Look at the colour of Russia right next to Alaska there!"


davod said...

This prick and his cohorts are conducting economic espoionage of unprecedented proportions. Surely, there has to a way to sue these people.

Laura(southernxyl) said...

You don't release the data until you've done the QC. I learned that as a lowly tech in an environmental lab, years and years ago. The purpose of the QC program is to keep you from having egg on your face when your mistakes get all the way to the customer. QC programs, like safety programs, only work when they're made a priority over meeting the schedule. This is the same kind of garbage that led to that cracked o-ring on Challenger.