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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations? Bullshit!

There is an American habit of congratulating our opponents when we lose. And it’s appropriate when we have been bested in an equal contest. But when we have been cold cocked by our opponents and kicked to the curb by their friends, congratulations are the actions of a whipped cur.

For me, in this race, congratulations are bullshit. Moreover, I have no intention of being a good loser. Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.

Unless we didn’t mean what we said.

Obama and his friends told us that if we opposed him we were racists. And that was a big part of his appeal: he’s black. A large number of people who voted for him did so because he’s black and that’s no basis for congratulations. Voting for or against someone on the basis of race is racist. That’s not something we can be proud of.

Obama’s minister, friends and associated were racist, anti-semites, thugs and terrorists, but the MSM, the organs that were supposed to vet our candidates for us determined that these were not links that were worthy of inquiry. Instead, we were treated to the clothing bills of the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. That’s not something we can be proud of.

The Obama campaign promised 95% of the American people tax cuts. An impossibility when 95% of the American people don’t pay taxes. You can bet that this had an impact on the election, but the MSM did not send its truth squads out to report this lie. Instead we were treated to speculation that Sarah Palin’s child was really her daughter’s. That’s not something we can be proud of.

We have elected a person who has no record of accomplishment except the ability to run a campaign, whose staff puts that out as a genuine accomplishment and it’s accepted at face value. That’s not something we can be proud of.

There seems to be a lemming like desire on the “respectable” voices on the Right to sound the right tone, to offer congratulations, to hope for the best and declare that he is now president of all of us.

Well, bullshit. He is, juridically, going to be the one and only US president for the next four years. But he is going to get no quarter from this quarter. The Right was cold cocked by the Left in this campaign. There was massive fundraising fraud, there was massive voter fraud and there was overwhelming media fraud in this election, and I’m not going to congratulate the fraud-in-chief.

Because I was not lying before the election, I won't lie afterward.


I would like to clarify the following sentence: “An impossibility when 95% of the American people don’t pay taxes.” It’s a poorly worded sentence. What I meant to say is that approximately 40% of all people who earn income do not pay federal income tax. So it is impossible to give a tax cut to 95% of the American people when only about 60% pay taxes. The government can’t give “tax relief” to people who don’t pay taxes. The government can send those people checks, but that’s more accurately described as “welfare” not a “tax cut.”

I have received my share of hate-mail from the Obama supporters who are gleeful at his win and characterize anyone who – like me – does not support the winner as a whiner. If that’s so, we are living in a country of whiners because I have seen much worse from the Left after Bush won in 2000 and 2004.

One of the crimes the Left has committed is the debasement of the language. It permeates our world and fogs the mind: calling taxes contributions, calling abortion a choice, calling disagreement “hate speech.” Demanding that once their guy is elected we must all march in lockstep or be accused of being a crybaby "seething with rage." And here I thought that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Apparently that only applies when the Left dissents.

And some of the blogs that have linked to this post are perfect illustrations of the way that racism will now be attributed to every negative comment about Obama. Apparently, someone on the Purdue campus wrote “f**k Obama” on a tree. That was lewd, it was juvenile and it was in bad taste. But “racist?” Give me a break!

So why was it called racist? Because that’s a show-stopper in this country. It shuts the conversation down and demonizes the accused person. Trust me on this, the accusations of racism are going to be flying thick and fast all during the Obama administration by his supporters. Because for many, this election was all about race.


I would like to direct your attention to this article in the

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue officials are investigating anti-Barack Obama graffiti found on the West Lafayette campus this week.

An obscenity and the president-elect's name were painted on a tree in an area near the Class of 1950 Lecture Hall, where black students often gather. Other graffiti was found chalked on campus sidewalks and buildings.

In a letter to the campus, Purdue President France Cordova said called the graffiti "deeply offensive."

Purdue Police Lt. Fred Davis said officers are trying to determine if a crime was committed, since First Amendment rights were involved.

Hmmm ... so the police are asking if graffiti saying "F**k Obama" is a crime? And the Purdue officials are in an uproar. Can anyone remember the last time that academics were offended by "F**k Bush" signs, or had police investigating if a crime had been committed? Must we love our new overlord?


Whining? Why No! We’re Just Being More Patriotic than You.
Some on the Right are congratulating Mr. Obama; one even called him “good.” It seems that they have not learned the lessons of the past. Keeping in mind that dissent is the highest form of patriotism; we see no reason why we can’t be in the vanguard of dissent.

With that in mind, and with an eye to history, let us remind ourselves what we have in Mr. Obama.

• A charismatic leader who inspired huge audiences with his rhetoric in Berlin.

Read the rest.


I have deleted a number of comments that were directed at this site by a screwball blogger. Let me make something clear to anyone who visits this site. It's mine and I'll do with it what I wish. Sort of like the Washington Post, the NY Times, the Huffington Post and Daily Kos.

I will tolerate dissent but not trolling. If someone wants to make a reasoned argument that is contrary to my own position, I will leave that up and respond if I consider it useful. A number of blogs that are sponsored by people who make reasoned arguments - like Volokh - are being ruined by spammers who spout nonsense and invective. I am not going to allow that here just to get "hits."



Pierre said...


But screw McCain worse...he retires to his Senate seat with his "honor" secure and the country's future in tatters. Thanks McCain for losing to a crank. Thanks for not bringin up Wright, not bringing up Pflegar, not bringing up Ayers and thanks for not talking about Obama's socialist philosophy. Thanks McCain for having such an incompentently run campaign that bloggers had to find the dirt on Obama. Thanks for having no coherent theme. Thanks for acting like s confused old man when the financial meltdown occured. And finally thanks Republicans for putting this confused old man up for election.

Thank you for your service McCain no go back to the most exclusive Country Club in the world, Senate, and sit down and shut up....we don't need no RHINO's.

God Bless Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...
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Patriot's Quill said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow it sure is fun listening to the Right discuss how patriotic dissent is. Remember when people on the Left were protesting the war and they were called traitors? Hypocrisy abounds on all sides you know. Keep blogging about it though and wade right into being no better than either group.

Moneyrunner said...


You mean to say that dissent is not patriotic? Your side had me persuaded and now you're telling me that you were lying? That you were a hypocrite?

Are you going to call me unpatriotic?

Am I falling to your level?

Say it isn't so!