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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama Auntie is an Illegal Alien Living In Poverty In Boston, Makes Illegal Contribution to Obama and It's McCain's Fault

Obama aunt leak raises questions, as does timing

That the headline in the POLITICO where the revelation that Obama's "Auntie Zeituni" is living in a Boston slum is transformed into a Republican "Dirty Trick." The Democrats are demanding a criminal investigation ... I'm serious as a heart attack! And the whole article is about Republican dirty tricks.

These are levels of chutzpah that I never would have believed, and have rarely seen. For those of you who have any doubt, let the record show that it was not the vaunted in-the-tank-so-far-they-need-scuba-gear American press that located "Auntie Zeituni" but that well known conservative rag, the London TimesOnline. I wrote about it HERE.


Mark Levin:
Different Party, Different Rules

The Politico is on the case! Oh, not about Obama's illegal-alien aunt. But who gave the information about her to the media! That's right. David Axelrod insinuates this is all very fishy. John Conyers jumps into action, demanding an investigation. The fact that Obama's aunt is in the country illegally is of little merit.

You have to wonder what Joe the Plumber thinks of all of this. Records kept by government agencies involving his divorce, taxes, car, and all the rest were leaked to the media within hours of his accidental meeting with the Messiah. Other than the Columbus Dispatch, nobody seems to care. And he's actually an American citizen.
Now, you can be absolutely sure that if Obama's aunt was, say, related to Sarah Palin, no one would care how the story became public. Instead, Palin would be bombarded with questions about her.

And Mark Steyn:
Re: Different party, different rules
Mark Levin is right. The Undocumented Auntie isn't even one of the 12, 15, 30, whatever million run-of-the-mill Undocumented-Americans who just wander into the country and decide to stay. She's one of the far more select number - half a million or so - who've been served a deportation order. She is, in law, not merely an illegal immigrant but what ICE call a "fugitive alien".

So when John Conyers gets huffy about "leaks", is it even possible to "leak" that someone's a "fugitive"? When regular boring US citizens are fugitives, they get pasted up on Post Office walls and written up in the papers. And, in the event that someone discovers that the guy on the lam is holed up at 27b Elm Street, there's not usually a wave of outrage on the appalling breach of the fugitive's privacy rights.

If I were Joe the Plumber, I'd ask Aunt Zeituni if I could move in. It's his best chance of a quiet life.

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